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Welcome tovouchen.com for mobile deals. vouchen.com offer their services to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit or use one of our services you accept these terms, please read it carefully. Using the website, the app and any services offered by us means that you accept the terms of use and you agree to follow it. If you don’t accept these terms, you are not allowed to use the website.

Advertising content

Content onvouchen.com website comes from registered users and members of the same, and thus the vouchen.com does not hold any responsibility for the added content. Users bears all the responsibility for the contents they add. vouchen.com team have asupervisory role on the ads and content added by users in two ways, before ad the post (not applicable for all the ads) as some of the ads do not appear on the website without the approval of management of the site, and type II, after adding the ad, where ads appear on the site and then are monitored and corrected if necessary. Therefore, members are not allowed to publish contents against the policy of the company either on the site or the company or on the social pages. Knowing that such ads will be deleted directly from the site by officials. As an example by not limited to:

  • Duplicate ads, repeated ads are not allowed, instead it can be re-deployed. Also duplicate Memberships are not allowed, each ember is allowed one membership account.in case of duplicate memberships, new ones will be deleted and the oldest will be kept after being checked and confirmed by the management team.
  • Fraud ads such as: (fake ads for cars, cell phones and loans) where it is monitored by the content control team and then deleted.
  • Ads aiming to collect resumes where it is monitored by the content control team and then deleted.
  • Recruitment companies’ ads, which aims to collect resumes and sold them, it is also monitored by the content control team and then deleted.
  • Ads that have been reported by other users of the site or have proved to be causing inconvenience for other users. Where it is monitored by the content control team and then deleted.
  • Ads that contain (sale or lease or trade or advertise or promotion) for materials prohibited on the vouchen.com, such as: (human organs, weapons, remnant, cannabis, drugs of all kinds and banned items of all kinds as per the law of the Syrian Arab Republic). also libel, defamation, words and insults against public morals and custom.
  • Sabotage ads such as: (human abuse, hitman, murder, rape, beatings and gang violence) and the like.
  • Sorcery ads (whetherits services or sale of items related to it, such as: rings, talismans).
  • Quran treatment Ads, such as: (treatment by ruqyahor treatment of envy and magic touch).
  • Promotional ads especially if it is for sites or television channels or ads for companieswithout an actual product in the ad, which aims to promote ecommerce websites and pages, also regular ads that contain external links aiming for promotion.
  • Network Marketing advertisements as profit through internet adverting such as: (profit by click or Forex Trading).
  • Marriage, engagement services or dating ads are not allowed, as the aim is not commercial at all.
  • Ads with services to cancel old car and non-valid or expired registration cars and advertising cars or motorbikes without a valid registration with the authorities (such as cars or motorbikeswithout registration or permission for sale). Where it is punishable by law of the Syrian Arab Republic for possession or trafficking.
  • Ads that are not clear or not related to the objective ofvouchen.com, for example, but not limited to: (request for financial assistance, defamation) where its goal is to defame individuals and companies.
  • Prohibited electrical appliances ads such as: (gold detectors, eavesdropping devices, pen cameras, a small camera, Electric detonator, decoders, radar or wireless detectors and similar devices) as well as ads for (sex toys and sex drugs) Where it is punishable by law of the Syrian Arab Republic for possession or trafficking.
  • Ads selling archaeological currency or any kind of ancient ruins where it is punishable by law of the Syrian Arab Republic for possession or trafficking.
  • Ads requesting financial assistance, loans, etc. which require sending money in advance.
  • Ads selling dangerous animalssuch as: (snakes, tigers, lions).
  • Ads selling cigarettes, tobacco, pipe or shisha and the like.
  • Ads selling visas or asking for visas such as: (get a visa to a particular country).
  • Ads selling Receivers terminals and other paid satellite channels that have not formally been posted by an official agent for the service.
  • Selling Fish Games ads such as: (coins for pool ball and poker games), which promotes gambling.
  • Ads for goods or services for sale such as: (cars, real estates, services, projects or partners for projects) which have incomplete details about the requirements.
  • Ads selling clothes and dresses that does not contain pictures or which contain inappropriate images and disturb public morality.
  • Regular ads, but part of the specifications exist on a Facebook link or an external link that takes the user to an external website.
  • International ads for goods or products outside the Arab country wherevouchen.com operate.

As for the name of the user, be sure to pick a meaningful name which follows the public morally, custom and Arab culture, username should not refer to the company or a particular class or contains a part of "vouchen.com", such as: (vouchen management, vouchen Control team...) we recommend using your name and avoid the use of abusive words.

Tips for safe website usage

Tips to be familiar with questionable ads:

  • Do not send any money Doubtful advertisers usually ask to send money (or part of the amount of money) electronically
  • Language and spelling errors This is because doubtful advertisers are usually from non-Arab nationalities, so they use translation into Arabic services. So the ad will look weird.
  • Product Photos Scammers often uses images from the Internet because it’s easier when they have no actual product.
  • Illogical attractive Ads Doubtful advertisers usually post an attractive ad of unbelievable product. For example, product in great condition at half price because of travel, so you have to be careful when dealing with such advertisers.
  • Verify the price of the product Doubtful advertisers usually post ads with unreasonable prices to attract buyers and cheat on them, make sure you check the average price of the product you want to buy price.
  • Completion of a deal Check the product you are buyingto make sure it’s working and in good condition, also we recommend checking the documents of the product if applicable.


Please review the privacy policy, which also controls your visit to our website to be aware of our operations.

Content copyrights

All content on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio, digital downloads, data compilations, is the property ofvouchen.com and are secured and protected. All contents of this site are the exclusive property of the vouchen.com. You have no right to copy or modify anything in terms of content. Also you are not allowed access to our database or allowed to use any software to hack our website.

Denied warranty and not bearing responsibility

You acknowledge and agree that the use of the website and services is entirely at your own risk, and that the site and the service is provided on an "as is" or "as available" basis without any warranties of any kind. Vouchen.com does not assume any warranties or representations about the accuracy or content of the site or the content of any sites the completion of a third party has to do with the site and assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors, or personal injury or property damage of any kind, resulting from access to you and use the site and service, any unauthorized access or use of our service to you and / or any of all personal information and / or financial information stored, viruses, or the like, which may be sent to you or through the website by any third party, and / or any errors or omissions in any Content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted by e-mail, to move them or make them available through the website or service. Vouchen.com does not assume responsibility for any product or service advertised or offered by a third party through the site or any site HYPERLINKED or featured in any banner or other advertising.

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